Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)

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Character (單一漢字)
English Senses For (英文): zhong1
the middle / among / within / between / China or Chinese / Sino-

English Senses For (英文): zhong4
to hit (the target ) / to attain (a goal) / to be hit by / to be affected

Simplified (簡體字):
Unicode := 4E2D
GB2312-80 := D6D0

New! Simplification explanation under construction.

Traditional (繁體字):
Unicode := 4E2D
Big5 := A4A4

中 zhong1 zhong4 (productive phonetic)


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ShuoWen: (說文解字):

A string heddle 綜 was absolutely necessary to be centered correctly.It represents "center".

New! etymology explanation under construction.

Primitive pictograph 中. A line through a squair indicating center 中. Originally a pictograph of 综.

Seal (說文解字裏的篆體字)

S00273 S00274 S00275

LST Seal (六書通裏的篆體字) Characters

L29885 L29886 L29887 L29888 L29889 L29890 L00609
L00585 L00586 L00587 L00588 L00589 L00590 L00591
L00592 L00593 L00594 L00595 L00596 L00597 L00598
L00599 L00600 L00601 L00602 L00603 L00604 L00605
L00606 L00607 L00608

Bronze (金文编裏的字) Characters

B00610 B00611 B00612 B00613 B00614 B00615 B00616
B00617 B00618 B00619 B00620 B00621 B00622 B00623
B00624 B00625 B00626 B00627 B00628 B00629 B00630
B00631 B00632 B00633 B00634 B00635 B00636 B00637
B00638 B00639 B00640 B00641 B00642 B00643 B00644
B00645 B00646 B00647 B00648 B00649 B00650 B00651
B00652 B00653 B00654 B00655 B00656 B00657 B00658
B00659 B00660 B00661 B00662 B00663 B00664 B00665
B00666 B00667 B00668 B00669 B00670 B00671 B00672
B00673 B00674 B00675 B00676 B00677 B00678 B00679

Oracle (甲骨文编裏的字) Characters

J00886 J00887 J00888 J00889 J00890 J00891 J00892
J00893 J00894 J00895 J00896 J00897 J00898 J00899
J00900 J00901 J00902 J00903 J00904 J00905 J00906
J00907 J00908 J00909 J00910 J00911 J00912 J00913
J00914 J00915 J00916 J00917 J00918 J00919

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