Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)

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Character (單一漢字)
English Senses For (英文): nü4
[rare pronunciation]

English Senses For (英文): ru3
[rare pronunciation]

English Senses For (英文): nü3
a daughter / a girl / a maiden / a lady / a woman / a female / name of one of the 2 8 constellations

Simplified (簡體字):
Unicode := 5973
GB2312-80 := C5AE

New! Simplification explanation under construction.

Traditional (繁體字):
Unicode := 5973
Big5 := A46B

女 nu3 nu4 ru3 (productive phonetic)


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ShuoWen: (說文解字):

New! etymology explanation under construction.

Primitive pictograph 女. Womans brests (some think it is a womans hands). Meaning woman. See 母

Seal (說文解字裏的篆體字)


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