Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)

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Character (單一漢字)
English Senses For (英文): sheng1
to live / life / living / livelihood / alive / to be born / to come into being / to come into existence / to breed / to bear / to beget / to produce / to create / to give rise to / to cause / uncooked / raw / unripe / crude / unfamiliar / strange / unknown / savage / untamed / barbarian / uncultured / a pupil / a student / the male character type in Chinese opera / creatures / a Chinese family name

Simplified (簡體字):
Unicode := 751F
GB2312-80 := C9FA

New! Simplification explanation under construction.

Traditional (繁體字):
Unicode := 751F
Big5 := A5CD

生 sheng1 (productive phonetic)


History of Chinese Writing


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ShuoWen: (說文解字):

New! etymology explanation under construction.

Primitive pictograph 生. A sprout coming out of the ground. Meaning birth.

Seal (說文解字裏的篆體字)


LST Seal (六書通裏的篆體字) Characters

L33114 L33115 L33116 L33117 L33118 L33119 L33120
L10544 L10545 L10546 L10547 L10548 L10549 L10550
L10551 L10552 L10553 L10554 L10555 L10556 L10557
L10558 L10559 L10560 L10561 L10562

Bronze (金文编裏的字) Characters

B09291 B09292 B09293 B09294 B09295 B09296 B09297
B09298 B09299 B09300 B09301 B09302 B09303 B09304
B09305 B09306 B09307 B09308 B09309 B09310 B09311
B09312 B09313 B09314 B09315 B09316 B09317 B09318
B09319 B09320 B09321 B09322 B09323 B09324 B09325
B09326 B09327 B09328 B09329 B09330 B09331 B09332

Oracle (甲骨文编裏的字) Characters

J15323 J15324 J15325 J15326 J15327 J15328 J15329
J15330 J15331 J15332 J15333 J15334 J15335 J15336
J15337 J15338 J15339 J15340 J15341 J15342 J15343
J15344 J15345 J15346 J15347 J15348 J15349 J15350
J15351 J15352 J15353 J15354 J15355 J15356 J15357
J15358 J15359 J15360 J15361 J15362 J15363 J15364
J15365 J15366 J15367 J15368 J15369 J15370 J15371
J15372 J15373 J15374

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