Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)

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Character (單一漢字)
English Senses For (英文): chang2
long / length / a forte / strong points / to be good at / to excel / a Chinese family name

English Senses For (英文): zhang3
senior / old / the eldest / a head / a chief / a leader / a commander / a chairman / to grow / to increase / to advance / to look / to appear / to become

English Senses For (英文): zhang4
[productive phonetic] / long /

English Senses For (英文): zhang1
[rare pronunciation]

Simplified (簡體字):
Unicode := 957F
GB2312-80 := B3A4

New! Simplification explanation under construction.

(super cursive simplification 长長)

Traditional (繁體字):
Unicode := 9577
Big5 := AAF8

長 chang2 zhang3 zhang1 zhang4 (productive phonetic)


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ShuoWen: (說文解字):

New! etymology explanation under construction.

Primitive pictograph 长長. A man with long hair. Meaning long.

Seal (說文解字裏的篆體字)


LST Seal (六書通裏的篆體字) Characters

L32701 L32702 L32703 L32704 L32705 L32706 L32707
L32708 L32709 L32710 L32711 L32712 L32713 L32714
L32715 L32716 L32717 L32718 L32719 L32720 L32721
L32722 L32723 L32724 L32725 L32726 L32727 L32728
L32729 L32730 L32731 L32732 L32733 L32734 L32735
L32736 L09565 L09566 L09567 L09568 L09569 L09570
L09513 L09514 L09515 L09516 L09517 L09518 L09519
L09520 L09521 L09522 L09523 L09524 L09525 L09526
L09527 L09528 L09529 L09530 L09531 L09532 L09533
L09534 L09535 L09536 L09537 L09538 L09539 L09540
L09541 L09542 L09543 L09544 L09545 L09546 L09547
L09548 L09549 L09550 L09551 L09552 L09553 L09554
L09555 L09556 L09557 L09558 L09559 L09560 L09561
L09562 L09563 L09564 L09504 L09505 L09506 L09507
L09508 L09509 L09510 L09511 L09512

Bronze (金文编裏的字) Characters

B14407 B14408 B14409 B14410 B14411 B14412 B14413
B14414 B14415 B14416 B14417 B14418 B14419 B14420
B14421 B14422

Oracle (甲骨文编裏的字) Characters

J21470 J21471 J21472 J21473 J21474 J21475 J21476
J21477 J21478 J21479 J21480 J21481 J21482 J21483
J21484 J21485 J21486 J21487 J21488 J21489 J21490
J21491 J21492 J21493 J21494 J21495 J21496 J21497
J21498 J21499 J21500 J21501 J21502

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