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Chinese Encoding Standards Information

Big5 大五码 encoding - wikipedia.org

GB2312-80 encoding - wikipedia.org

GB18030 encoding - wikipedia.org

GBK encoding - wikipedia.org

Unicode - wikipedia.org

UTF-8 encoding - wikipedia.org

UTF-16/UCS-2 encoding - wikipedia.org

UTF-32/UCS-4 encoding - wikipedia.org

Surrogate pairs to UTF32 conversion table. - i18nguy.com

Internationalization and localization - wikipedia.org

IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)  

Character Decomposition wikipedia.org

Unihan Info Chinese  zh.wikipedia.org


Character View Tests - Can you see all the characters you could / should  be seeing? 

Character view test Big5 - khngai.com

Character view test GB2312-80 - ash.jp

Character view test Alphabets of the World - chineseetymology.org             

Character view test CJK_Unified_Ideographs_(U+4E00_U+9FFF) - chineseetymology.org / 21991 Everyday Chinese -  traditional/simplified CJK

Character view test CJK_Extension_A_(U+3400_U+4DBF) - chineseetymology.org / 6591 Not so often Chinese

Character view test CJK_Extension_B_(U+20000_U+2A6DF) - chineseetymology.org / Rare Chinese

Character view test CJK_Ideographs_Extension_C_(U+2A700_U+2B73F) - chineseetymology.org / Very Rare Chinese

Character view test CJK_Ideographs_Extension_D_(U+2B740_U+2B81F) - chineseetymology.org /Extremely rare Chinese

Character view test Hangul_Syllables_UTF8_(U+AC00_U+D7AF) - chineseetymology.org

Characters you should be seeing - Unicode4.0CodeChartsGraphical.pdf - chineseetymology.org

Characters you should be seeing - Unicode5.2CodeChartsGraphical-MulticolHan.pdf - chineseetymology.org

Unicode 6.0 Character Code Charts (for all languages) - unicode.org

Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs (Basic Chinese, Japanese, Korean) - unicode.org

Letter names for world alphabets, no Chinese Characters - ssec.wisc.edu

Ancient Scripts (Alphabets) - ancientscripts.com

Omniglot (Alphabets) - omniglot.com

GB18030/GBK to Unicode spread sheet - zi.guoxue.com 


Various online word and character dictionaries

English - Use Wikipedia or Google or Baidu to search for detailed information on English or Chinese words

Chinese - Use Wikipedia or Google or Baidu to search for detailed information on English or Chinese words

English - Online Etymology Dictionary  - etymonline.com

English - Oxford English Dictionary - oed.com (need to subscribe)

English - Merriam Webster  - merriam-webster.com (no etymology)


Chinese - English Technical Scientific Dictionary  Dictall.com 

Chinese to English - MDBG  - mdbg.com Color coded tone, encoding conversion

Character Animation and Input (Nciku) - nciku.com

Character Animation and Input (Yellowbridge) - yellowbridge.com

Character Animation and Input (Chinese-tools) - chinese-tools.com

Chinese Etymology - Zdic (In Chinese) - zdic.net

Shuowen Dictionary  shuowen.org     

Slang Dictionary (political)  chinadigitaltimes.net                           

Simplified to Traditional rule List  


Cantonese Dictionary (Chinese University of Hong Kong) - arts.cuhk.edu.hk

Cantonese Supplementary Characters (Hong Kong Government) - ogcio.gov.hk


Taiwanese1  (Taiwanese - in Chinese)



Shanghaiese - wu-chinese.com


Japanese kanji - caiga-jp.com


Korean Hanja (hanja naver) - hanja.naver.com

Korean Hanja (stars21) - stars21.com

Korean Hanja (hanjadic) - hanjiadic.bravende.us


Chinese dialect phonetics development  - eastling.org

Animation how to draw Chinese characters  - lost-theory.org

Sino-Tibetan etymological dictionary and thesaurus   - stedt.org 

Chinse-English dictionary - archchinese.com

Character animation - animation.archchinese.com  

Chinese languages  - chinalanguage.com


Mobile Dictionary - iPhone - Android pleco.com

Character Variants MOE TW  


Automatic Translation and encoding conversion

Convert from Simplified to Traditional - translate.google.com

Convert from Traditional to Simplified - translate.google.com

Translate from Chinese characters to English and other languages - translate.google.com

Translate from English or other languages to Traditional or Simplified Chinese - translate.google.com

Mandarin speech from Chinese characters - translate.google.com

Convert from Chinese characters to pinyin with tone marks - translate.google.com

Alternate translations - translate.google.com


Automatic web page translation - Google Chrome automatic web page translation bar - google.com

Chinese Text Annotation Tool - chineese-tools.com

   Converts Chinese text to show "per word" pronunciation and English translation.

Chinese Calligraphy Editor - chinese-tools.com

   Makes Chinese look like it used to.

Convert Unicode Chinese to Unicode &#(decimal); - chinese-tools.com

   Gives decimal representation for use in HTML, VB and C# programs

Convert Unicode &#(decimal); to Unicode Chinese - chinese-tools.com

   Lets you see characters represented by decimal representation

Convert Mandarin pinyin(number) to pinyin(tone) and &#(decimal) for the pinyin - chineese-tools.com

   Shows you the tone marks for regular text and decimal notation for in line programming

Convert Big5-GB2312 (Study character equivalents) - 114.xixik.com

Convert Files GB-2312, GBK, GB18030, HZ, Big5, CNS11643, UTF-8, UTF-8 (Trad) - mandarintools.

   Click Chinese Encoding Converter. This is a Java Applet, You must load the Java plug-in and allow the applet to run.

Convert Text Hanyu Pinyin (numbers), Hanyu Pinyin (tone marks), Wade-Giles,
Yale, Guoinill, Bopomofo, Guoyeu Romantzyh, French, Tongyong Pinyin - mandarintools.

   Click Romanization Converter. This is a Java Applet, You must load the Java plugin and allow the applet to run.

Encoding Code Page Identifiers, .NET name, etc.  

Encoding Surrogates and Supplementary Characters  

Convert between ISO8859-1, Macintosh garbled text to GB, Big5 or UTF8, with various HTML options  

Encoding C#

Convert Chinese Unicode to hexadecimal or decimal

- Automatic web page translation - other browsers?


Chinese character encoding and information conversion programming

Unicode conversions by programming language

Shows language code, LCID setting, decimal, hexadecimal and Codepage 

Shows code page identifier .NET name and other

Information on code pages and character sets - i18nguy

VB.NET Encoding object

Mandarin Portal


All about spelling in Chinese - pinyin.info

Chinese Romanization, other spellings and spelling conversion - pinyin.info

All the usual Romanization systems and non Romanization spellings  - pinyin.info

All you will ever need to know about Chinese pinyin diacritical marks in Unicode  - pinyin.info

List in hanyu pinyin order of zhuyin fuhao equivalents  - pinyin.info

List in zhuyin fuhao order of hanyu pinyin equivalents  - pinyin.info

Hanyu pinyin spell checker  - pinyin.info

Convert hanyu pinyin to zhuyin fuhao  - pinyin.info


Globalization, Localization and Internationalization

Globalization Step by Step - msdn 


Chinese etymology

Chineeetymloogy home page - chineseetymology.org

Mandarin - chineseetymology - chineseetymology.org

Chinese Equivalent Websites - chineseetymology.org


Enable XP for maximum Chinese

Enable XP for maximum Chinese - chineseetymology.org 

Chinese Encoding Conversion http://www.chineseetymology.org/ComputerCharacterResources.htm


I18n guy  

Dictionary Tradukka


Input Chinese characters or other language characters

Character Input - Google Pinyin IME 谷歌拼音输入法  

Sogou pinyin IME 搜狗拼音输入法

Instructions for installing the Japanese IME (Which will handle Extension B Chinese) 


Cangjie Input information (This is supposed to include Unicode extension B, Input is based on the structure of the character)

Cangjie Input online

Cangjie Input Method wikipedia.org


Character lookup Windows (Worst case you can use the character map to lookup, cut and paste the character,

but only for characters in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP)

Character lookup Unicode Worst case for characters not in the BMP, you can look up the Unicode indexes in the Unicode PDF files and input the addresses as hexidecimal 


Wubi 86 Online Input   

Wubi 98 Online Input  

Wubi Input Info  wikipedia.org


Vietnamese Input Online and Conversion  

Vietnamese OCR - sourceforge.net


Cantonese Info zh.wikipedia.org

Cantonese Character Database and Dictionary  

Cantonese Input Online   cantoneseinput.com

Cantonese Phonetic Reader pdf  

Cantonese Sidney Lau Phonetic System

Cantonese Learn Cantonese    

Cantonese Phonetic IME

Cantonese Learn Cantonese

Cantonese Research Group

Cantonese Advice     

Cantonese Association

Cantonese Dictionary   


Wu Dialects - Shanghaiese Dictionary




Online conversion among major image formats

Online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) image to text in different languages.  

Online Latex Eqn Editor

Web to PDF   

Web to Image  

Online International Keyboards 

Split PDF

Merge PDF

BoPoMoFo online input  

Pinying completion input  

Phonetic Cantonese character input  

Arabic input  

PDF to other formats  

Latex to rtf  

Scientific papers search

style editing  


Pointers to lots of Chinese Language and Computing sites  http://kdd.cc/



Calligraphy network - shufacn

ICU 4.6

Wenlin - Chinese learning software

Calligraphy items


Chinese texts online

Chinese Texts Buddhist  - cbeta.org

Chinese Texts Philosophy  - ctext.org

Chinese Texts (Chinese四庫全書)  - sikuquanshu.com


Most important Chinese holidays

Chinese new year春节 Chūn Jié - wikipedia.org

Tomb Sweeping Day清明節  Qīngmíngji - wikipedia.org

Dragon boat festival端午節 Duānwǔ Jié - wikipedia.org

Mid Autumn Festival - Moon Festival 中秋節Zhōngqiūjié  - wikipedia.org


Chinese Girl or Boy name?

Chinese name gender gusser - chinesetools


Study Chinese

The Confucius Institute (孔子学院)(Government sponsored worldwide language and culture program)

The Confucius Institute parent organization  

Chinese Forums for learning Chinese  

Learn Chinese - Skritter




Chinese Info KDD   

   快典网 kdd是英文 “knowledge discovery in database 中文为 快点点 (Chinese computing and Culture)

   Input methods, dictionaries, history, literature, etc.

The home page

   Encoding information - kdd


Calligraphy Dictionary 书法字典 - kdd

   Single character display in various calligraphy styles including super cursive.


Inline coding representation and conversion of Chinese characters.

Inline coding representations and conversions of Chinese characters - kdd.cc

   Conversion to and from various inline coding representations

   Chinese - means character display representation of Unicode like -中文

   HTML - means decimal representation of Unicode like - 中文

   UTF-8 - means hexadecimal representation of Unicode like - 中文

   JS Encryption - 加码 like - <script>document.write(unescape('%u4E2D%u6587%0A'));</script>

   HTML to JavaScript, HTML to UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board), HTML to ASP (Active Server Pages)

   HTML to PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor), HTML to JSP (Java Server Pages), HTML to Perl

   HTML to SWS (Simple Web Site), HTML to VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET), HTML to Javascript HTML transfer

   ASCII to Unicode, JavaScript to HTML, UBB to HTML, Unicode to ASCII, JS Decryption 解码 - to character display

   Chinese to UTF-8, UTF-8 to Chinese


FREE Software downloads

MySQL Server  - mysql.com (Database management system client and server)

Media player VideoLAN VLC - videolan.org (plays most YouTube files)

Sound editor Audacity source forge    - audacity.sourceforge.net

Sound editor  - hongkiat.com

Picture editor

Office software - openoffice.org

Fonts open source - sourceforge.net

Video editor  

Video editor

RAR Extract Frog (Free) - download.cnet

Zip Unzip (Free) - jzip.com

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate 90 day download, 4 parts  - microsoft.com

Visual Studio 2010 Express 90 day download   - microsoft.com

SQL Server 2008 R2 180 day download  - microsoft.com

SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services 180 day download  - microsoft.com

SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Express 180 day download  - microsoft.com


Information for computer programmers

HTML, JavaScript, CSS - w3schools.com

Visual Studio 2008 - msdn.microsoft.com

Visual Studio and .NET Framework Glossary - msdn.microsoft.com

Tutorial SQL Server Management Studio - msdn.microsoft.com

Solution (.sln) File - msdn.microsoft.com

@ Page - msdn.microsoft.com

ASP.NET Introduction  - w3schools.com

CSS Properties - htmlhelp.com

.NET Framework 4.0 class library  - msdn.microsoft.com

ASP.NET Overview and API Reference  - msdn.microsoft.com

ADO.NET Overview  - msdn.microsoft.com

Visual Basic language reference  - msdn.microsoft.com

C# language reference  - msdn.microsoft.com

Transact-SQL Reference  - msdn.microsoft.com

Drivers and System Files - systemlookup.com


Find my IP address - ipchicken.com

Find my upstream and downstream connection speed - speedtest.net


Webinars Cisco Webex - webx.com

XP Updates - ghacks.net


Confucius institute online - Chinese teaching and other stuff - chinese.cn


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - optical character recognition of pre written text, printed usually or hand written.

Text Understanding Systems - extracting information from computerized text

Speech Recognition - recognizing spoken words



BNU Chinese Main Page

BNU English Main Page

Princeton Chinese Info  






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