Road map to the Chinese internet

If you are in China, you will need to set up VPN

so you can communicate with the real internet


Chinese Firewall

Regular access through any ISP will find most of the worlds web sites blocked by the Chinese government. But:

Most people in China get around this by using Some kind of VPN encrypted tunneling software.

VPN - You will need VPN (Virtual Private Network) 虚拟专用网络 Xūnǐ zhuānyng wǎnglu to get through the

VPN - Chinese Firewall 中国防火墙 Zhōnggu fnghuǒqing.

VPN - You can check to see if certain sites are blocked in different parts f China at: Chinese Firewall Test

VPN - I use StrongVPN - They have always been there 24/7, but there are many other providers

VPN - 翻墙 Fān qing (getting over the wall)

VPN - It is only quasi illegal. Most educated Chinese have one. It is fairly cheap, I pay about 55 USD a year for a dependable service.


Online Banking

Bank - Account - You can create in person, a USD account Euro account or 人民币Rnmnb RMB account in any Chinese Bank.

Bank - Account - The bank will issue you a USB flash disk, U, USB闪存盘Shǎncn pn

Bank - Account - You will not need this to login to your account but you will need it to transfer funds.

Bank - Account - Or you can use a public key certificate instead.

Bank - Many bank interfaces only work with internet explorer.

Bank - ATM - You can freely exchange RMB USD at most any bank

Bank - ATM - You can get RMB with your American USD bank card at many ATMs in China

Bank - ATM - Make sure the ATM has the American card issuer logo on it (MasterCard, Visa, Etc.)

Bank - ATM - All bank cards in China are issued by UnionPay

Bank - ATM - You can get USD from your RMB account in the US at many ATMs

Bank - ATM - I think Discover works with UnionPay (maybe some others)

Bank - Credit Card - You can use your credit card in China

Bank - Chinese - There are many banks in China

Bank - Chinese - For convenience, you may need to have more than one bank account but ICBC is the biggest

Bank - Chinese - ICBC 中国工商银行 Zhōnggu gōngshāng ynhng (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)

Bank - Doc1 - Confirmation of real name 实名认证Shmng rnzhng: Passport and Visa

Bank - Doc1 - Online you may need a scanned image of Passport and Visa and sometimes picture.

Bank - Doc2 - Chinese friend with "residence and nationality personal identity card" 居民身份证Jūmn shēnfn zhng:

Bank - Doc2 -  Some but not all banks require a Chinese friend with an identity card, China Citic bank does not require it.

Bank - Doc2 -  Online you may need a scanned image of the front and back of this card.

Bank - Doc3 - Chinese friend with letter of guarantee担保函Dānbǎo hn:

Bank - Doc3 -  To withdraw money from an Alipay account you will need a Chinese friend to fill out and sign a letter of guarantee.

Bank - Doc3 -  This says he will take responsibility for you if you fuck up. It is legally unenforceable, so I am told,

Bank - Doc3 - It does not require any proof of wealth on the part of the Chinese friend.

Bank - Doc3 - Online you will need You will need a scanned image of this letter of guarantee

Bank - Doc4 - Keep track of Account holders name / Bank card number / Chinese Address /

Bank - Doc4 - ATM access PIN number: usually 6 digits / Online login password: (different from pin number) /

Bank - Doc4 - Branch Bank Address 支行地址Zhīhng dzhǐ: You will need to know this

Bank - Doc5 - Bank contact: information for someone at the bank so you can call when you have a problem.

Bank - Doc6 - All your Alipay info

Bank - Online Payments - Alipay支付寶 Chinese equivalent of PayPal but ten times as much trouble.

Bank - Online Payments - PayPal  

Bank - Online Payments - Alibaba 阿里巴巴集团 (parent company of Alipay and Taobao)

Bank - Western  Union wire transfer: is the fastest way to get money to someone

Bank - International Bank transfer: is quite expensive


ISP Providers - (Internet Service Provider互联网服务提供商Hlinwǎng fw tgōng shāng)

ISP Providers - In the U.S. Look them up usually by zip code and choose a provider.

ISP Providers - ISP Providers China (There are three internet service providers in China)

ISP Hardwire connection - DSL, ADSL, Cable modem (U.S.) (Connection cable -上网线- Shngwǎng xin)

ISP Hardwire connection - Local WiFi toWireless router - 无线路由器 - Wxin lyuq wxin lyuqhard wire connected to ISP


Mobile Phone 手机 Shǒujī

Mobile Phone - Get a Tri band GSM for voice (So you can communicate anywhere in the world)

Mobile Phone - (I think a quad band is unnecessary now)

Mobile Phone - A modern Quad band Mobile phone has GSM bands (1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850) MHz bands

Mobile Phone - It should be unlocked (to avoid being tied into an American company)

Mobile Phone - With two SIM card slots (multiple countries numbers and carriers)

Mobile Phone - It should be either an iPhone 4 or 4S or an HTC Android

Mobile Phone - You can easily buy SIM cards on the street in China

Mobile Phone - Memory

Mobile SIM - AT&T Mobility SIM Card Best SIM card for the U.S.

Mobile SIM - China Mobile or China Unicom SIM is best

Mobile SIM - Outgoing international calls are extremely expensive, Incoming international calls are free or inexpensive.

Mobile SIM - So get two SIM cards, two numbers

Mobile Phone - Android / HTC App market -

Mobile Phone - Apple iPhone App market -

Mobile Phone - Telecom Providers in China

Mobile Phone - China Mobile 中国移动通信 - voice technology is GSM: Mobile broad band 3G technology for data is TD-SCDMA

Mobile Phone - China Unicom 中国联通 voice technology is GSM: Mobile broad band 3G technology for data is W-CDMA

Mobile Phone - Telecom Providers in the U.S. Look here to see what voice and data (broad band) technologies are provided.


Mobile 2G - Is speech and low speed internet access.

Mobile 2G - GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications / Groupe Special Mobile) original international standard for voice

Mobile 2G - GSM also has SMS (Short Message Service 160 characters)

Mobile 2G - GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) a data upgrade to GSM

Mobile 2G - EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) a data upgrade to GPRS

Mobile 2G - [GSM in advertizing lingo usually means regular GSM / GPRS / EDGE but not Evolved EDGE]

Mobile 2G - The above transmit capability is usually built in to any GSM device.

Mobile 2G - The ability to use all of these aspects and call anywhere in the world and how much it will cost depends on the SIM contract.

Mobile 2G - International calls on a SIM card are usually very expensive. You should buy a calling card. Or have them call you, or use skype.


Mobile 3G - means much faster internet speed and usually requires an

external broad band modem which you will connect using WiFi and then using one of the 3G connection technologies.

an internal 3G connection with

Mobile 3G data - W-CDMA (Wideband) A Chinese standard

Mobile 3G data - TD-S CDMA (Time Division Synchronous) A Chinese standard

Mobile 3G data - Public WiFi (meaning provided nationwide by a telecom provider as opposed to local WiFi) In China


Mobile 4G - means fast enough for video

Mobile 4G broadband modem - WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) fixed and mobile internet access. Ultra broadband Clearwire

Mobile 4G broadband modem - LTE ( Long Term Evolution) U.S. Standard. Ultra broadband.

Mobile - (Hot Spot - 热点 - rdiǎn)

Mobile Broadband modem - 移动宽带上网卡 - Ydng kuāndi shngwǎng or上网卡)

Mobile Broadband - (Air Card) External data connection for your cell phone or computer.

Mobile Broadband - Use direct USB card to device or through a WiFi router with USB air card


x To be best equipped for worldwide use, I suggest avoiding the following technologies.

x Fuck the American companies who require a two year contract.

x Mobile 3G data - CDMA2000 (Code Division Multiple Access) CDMA turned out to be more efficient than TDMA (Time Division)

x Mobile 3G data - CDMA2000 - EV-DO (Evolution - Data Optimized / Only)

x Mobile 3G data - [CDMA in advertizing lingo usually means CDMA / EV-DO Rev. B]

x Mobile 3G data - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)

x Mobile Phone - China Telecom 中国电信 voice PHS: data CDMA2000

x Mobile 3G data - CDMA2000 > EV-DO Rev. B Also in China

x Mobile 3G data - HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) U.S. Standard

x Mobile 3G data - HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) U.S. Standard

x Mobile 2G - PCS is Provided on 1900 Mhz band Sprint Nextel phones are not compatible with GSM PCS competes with GSM-TDMA

x Mobile 3G data - UMTS-CDMA DS (Direct-Spread)

x Mobile 3G data - [3G GSM in advertizing lingo usually means UMTS]



Baidu (100 degrees) 百度 - (Search Engine plus)

Hand drawn Chinese input -

Dictionary - (Chinese-English / English-Chinese) 词典

Social Networking Baidu (空间 Baidu Zone)

Applications 应用

Baidu example 应用

Baidu apps应用

Baidu Hao123 - (categorization of all the important Chinese web sites in Chinese)


Blog - bk 博客

Blog - Word Press - (English blog platform) need VPN to access it from China

Blog - Blogger now Google BlogSpot - (English blog platform) need VPN to access it from China

Blog - Blog Sina - (Chinese blog platform)

Blog - Blog QQ (Chinese blog platform)


Books - Amazon (buy-sell) -

Books - Dangdang 当当网 -

Books - Joyo (excellent Amazon) 卓越亚马逊


Browser - Lilǎn q 浏览器

Browser - Google Chrome -

Browser - Mozilla Firefox - [open source]

Browser - Sohu 搜狐 - [made in China]

Browser - Internet Explorer - [owned by Microsoft]

Browser - Safari -


Classmates - American -

Classmates - Chinese -

Classmates - Russian -


Video Communications - GoToMeeting -

Video Communications - WebEx [for teaching]

Video Communications - Citrix GoToMyPC - [for remote desktop]

Video Communications - skype   (Largest in the world)  


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) You can call peoples telephones. 

IM (Instant Messaging) Voice, Video, Chat (Text), Video Conferencing, screen sharing, sending files   


Email - Mailbox 邮箱Yuxiāng; Message 邮件yujin

All of the social networks have free email. I recommend:

Email - Gmail or

Email - QQ mail - (Chinese interface)

Email - Mozilla Thunderbird email aggregator -

Allows you to mannage all your emails form one place and keep it all on your own computer.

Email - MozBackup for backing up your email aggregator.


Encyclopedia -

Encyclopedia - Wikipedia (Best in English)

Encyclopedia - Wikipedia (Best in Chinese)

Encyclopedia - Baidu baike 百度百科

Encyclopedia - Hudong (Mutual Action) 互动 百科

Academic Research - CNKI 中國知網 (costs money)

Encyclopedia - About (high school level)

Encyclopedia - Ask (simple)


Sharing music and movie files online (Torrent sites)

Torrent sites


Storing files online

Cloud Storage - Top 10 Cloud Storage


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - I recommend FireFTP for FireFox, It can transfer files with Chinese file names

Forums - Are more sophisticated than groups, have search capability with multiple conversations.

Groups - All the social networks have discussion groups (no recommendations - hit or miss)



Lots of games on the internet (here are some free games)

Free games English

Free games China

Free games Taiwan



Google 谷歌 (Search Engine plus)

Google Maps - look all over the world

Calendar - organize your schedule

Google Docs - create Documents, Spread Sheets, Presentations, Drawings, Forms - online

Google Earth - Sky, Mars, Moon -

Google Translate (Translates to and from many languages)



Jobs - Chinese Lionbridge

Jobs - Monster

Jobs - Indeed

Jobs - CareerBuilder

Jobs - Lionbridge

Jobs - Asian academic - asiannetwork

Jobs - Dice

Jobs - Asian

Jobs - visiting scholar

Jobs - in China - chinasplash


Instant Messenger Jsh xnshǐ 即时信使 - started with real time text chat but now includes video and audio and cut and paste clip boards.


Microblog: 微博 wēi b , Text message: 短信 duǎnxn based blogging

Microblog - Twitter - (Blocked in China without VPN)

Microblog - Sina Weibo U.S. - (Chinese Twitter in US)

Microblog - Sina Weibo - (Chinese Twitter in China)

Microblog - QQ Weibo - (Chinese Twitter in China )

Microblog - Tumblr -



News - (Find the facts - think for yourself - discard the propaganda)

News - Wikipedia (most accurate and extensive news source)

News - (You can't understand the present if you don't understand the past)

News - (Use the search engines but be critical of the sources.)

News - (All the search engines will search for news. The key is to decide which news sources are dependable)

News - (Sometimes you need to look at the propaganda to know what they are up to)

News - Google news search

News - 新浪 Sina news search

News - BBC (British, good for Africa)

News - New York Times (American)

News - Asia Times (Chinese)

News - Asia Times (English)

News - (The Island) Aljazeera (Middle East English)

News - Aljazerra الجزيرة (Arabic)

News - Samachar (South Asia)

News - CIA World Fact Book

News - (World Journal) 世界日报 (North American Chinese news)

News - CNet (Computer news)

News - Media Matters (Debunks Fox lies and other garbage news)

News - Link TV (News from world sources)

News - (Military news)

News - New (Country updates)

News - The Economist (News on the world economy)

News - Russia Today (Sometimes a good source)

News - China Economic Review -

News - Technorati - (Blog News)

News - Forbs - (economic)

News - Hindustan Times


Office Adobe PDF Reader

Office software OracleOpenOffice (was StarOffice)

Office - Free - Google Docs - online Word, Excell, Power Point,


Phoenix net (Fnghung wǎng) 凤凰网

News and lots of other stuff


Photo share - Imgur

Photo share - Flickr (picture sharing)

Qing - combines sina blog, weibo, video, picture and music publishing.

Pinterest Social network for photo sharing


Recommendation based search - Stumbleupon -

Recommendation based search - Digg -

Recommendation based search - Reddit -

Recommendation based search - Delicious -


Sell your stuff - Ebay - (Auction - San Francisco - East Bay)

Sell your stuff - Taobao (Pottery Treasure) 淘宝网 - (Chinese equivalent of eBay)

Sell your stuff - Craigslist - (Classified ads, also in China)

Sell your stuff - Tng chngSame City)同城 (Biggest in China)

Site Info - Alexa - (about a site)

Site Info - Sify

Site Info - Go Dady - (get a domain name)

Site Info - - (Chinese Alexa)


Sohu (Search Fox) 搜狐 - (Major portal)

Input Method Editor - Pinying - Sogou

Chinaren (students and stuff)

Online games -

Sina (New Wave) Xīnlng 新浪 (Major portal)

Match, BBS, Travel, Yellow Pages, Chinese Flight

Search Engine - Google 谷歌 - (Search Engine plus)

[The default search protects children from porn, reset search parameters to no restrictions]

Hong Kong (Inside China you get redirected to this censored version)

Also versions for Japan Russia Spain India France Mexico Indonesia

Search Engine - Baidu (100 degrees) 百度 - (Search Engine plus)

Search Engine - Bing -

Search Engine - Sososousou) 搜搜 search -

Search Engine - Yahoo - (Search Engine plus, English Version)

Search Engine - Yahoo - (Search Engine plus, Chinese version)


Social Network - (non browser based) - Skype

Social Network - (non browser based) - QQ (China's number one)


Social Network - Facebook - (General - Blocked in China without VPN)

Social Network - RenRen (People Web) 人人網 was Xioni wǎng (internal school web) 校内

(reputation of teen agers and young people)

Social Network - QQ 空间 QQ zone -

Blogs, Diaries (China's biggest social network)

Social Network - Windows Live - (Windows Live Essentials) Stand alone or via browser.

Sometimes referred to as MSN (Microsoft Network) (Very popular for Chinese, not blocked)

includes SkyDrive - free disk storage space for files Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, was MSN Messenger.

Online Office document editing and viewing. MSN web page and Bing

Social Network - Google+

Social Network - LinkedIn - (Professional - Blocked in China without VPN)

Social Network - Douban (pea flower petal) Dubn豆瓣 - (Many professional types)

Social Network - Kaixin101 开心网 (Many professional types)

Social Network - NetEase (wangyi) 网易 - (major Chinese portal) 163 Micro Blog网易微波

Social Network - Netlog - Chinese - (Belgium - Many language interface, mainly European)

Social Network - Tumblr -

Social Network - Yahoo - (English Version)

Social Network - Yahoo - (Chinese version)

Social Network -


Security - Registry booster - uniblue

Security - PC Tools

Security - Norton

Security - McAfee

Security - Webroot


Jia This [adds redirector buttons to a web site]


Ten cent QQ (Ten Cent 十分)tngxn 腾讯 (largest Chinese social network - also in English)

(Instant Messaging, voice, video, text, cut, paste, email)

QQ English download -

QQ Chinese download -

Email QQ -


Translation Babylon -

Translation - Google translator

Translation - Baidu translator

Translation - Chrome automatic web page translator


Transportation - You will need your passport to take an inter-city train or bus, and of course airplane in China

Transportation - Air - Cheap Air Tickets (English) -

Transportation - Air - Cheap Air Tickets (Chinese) -

Transportation - Bus - Map Bar 图吧 - (Chinese) first put in the city then

Transportation - Bus - district then local street or bus stop name.

Transportation - Train - Inter City Trains Chinese

Transportation - Taxies: Are very common, just look for an empty one with the upturned taxi meter in the window

Transportation - They are cheap, they will give you a receipt, there is a one dollar tax for taking a taxi, or you can call the company

Transportation - Map Bar 图吧 - (in Chinese) first put in the city then district then local street or bus stop name.

Transportation - Search By Map - Transportation - (Map search Dt chxn地图查询)

Transportation - National Train Schedules - (Chinese) navigate to city (You will need a passport to get on a train)

Transportation - National Train Tickets 去哪儿 (Chinese)

Transportation - Point to point by train -

Transportation - City Busses - (in Chinese) Navigate to city

Transportation - National and International Air - lvyou.hao (national and international air)


TV - CNTV (China Network Television)

TV - CCTV (China Central Television)

TV - TTV (Taiwan Television) 台視

TV - Tianjin Television (TJTV) 天津电视

TV - Phoenix Television Fnghung Wixīng Dinsh 鳳凰衛星電視 (Chinese) phtv.ifengcom

TV - Phoenix Television Fnghung Wixīng Dinsh 鳳凰衛星電視 (English)

TV - U.S. commercial TV 葫蘆(葫芦) (calabash) 互錄(互录) hl (interactive recording)


Video - 视频 shpn

Video - Youtube - (blocked in China without VPN)

Video - Youtube Downloader - (for downloading YouTube videos)

Video - Tudou (Potato) 土豆网 (Chinese equivalent of YouTube)

Video - Youku (Excellent Cool) 优酷 (Chinese equivalent of YouTube)

Video - Soku / Youku Search engine soku 搜酷Sōu k is youku's new search engine

Video - iKu downloader for Youku

Video - Movie rental - NetFlix -

Video - Adobe Flash Player -

Video - sharing -

Video - Flash Video downloader for Google Chrome -

Video - Kuber - China Video Downloader -

Video - (For,,,,,

Video - Movies Internet Movie Database - (Internet Movie Database blocked in China without VPN)

Video - Dailymotion -


Wenxuecity (Literature City) 文学城 - (blocked in China without VPN)

(Major information portal, popular with overseas Chinese in Chinese)

News, Forums, Blogs, Stock Market, Shopping, Classifieds, Career, Events


Viscous Lies and Rumors:

In China we have what the government calls viscous lies and rumors. They can be found on Weibo and other places. Viscous lies and rumors often turn out to be true. In the rest of the world we can check things out on:


Internet cafe -

In China you can find internet cafes where you can use their computers, look for the word网吧 avoid the word 王八



Digital Television (DTV)

DTTB (Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting) 4 world standards

U.S. ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) (8 VSB) (8 level Vestigial Sideband)

Europe DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) utilizes

C-OFDM (Coded - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation

Japan ISDB-T (Terrestrial Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) uses OFCM and 2D interleaving. and supports hierarchical transmission of up to 3 layers of MPEG-2 and advanced audio coding.

China HK - DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting) adopts

TDS (Time Domain Synchronous) OFDM and utilizes

pseudo random signal frame to serve as a GI (Guard Interval) for the OFDM.

1280x720 progressive scan = 720p 16:9 aspect ratio

1920x1080 interlaced video 1080i 16:9 aspect ratio

PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol)

DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television)