Test to see what level of Chinese You are enabled to see

Completely enable Windows XP for Chinese

(many people are still using Windows XP but are not completely enabled for Chinese)
If you have an early version of Windows XP or
If your XP was installed by an English Only tea bagger moron
you will have to install the 3 service packs and enable Chinese

Is your browser completely enabled for Chinese
Install the most modern browser you can find
All modern browsers should be able to browse the top 3 levels of Chinese
If this is not the case, please tell me.

Test to see if you have XP service pack 3 installed
Start>Right click on My Computer>click Properties
See System to see which service pack if any are installed

XP Service Pack 1 Download and Install 下载并安装

English - sp1aexpress_usa.exe - 1.9 MB

English - sp1aexpress_usa.exe - 1.9 MB
中文(简体) - sp1aexpress_chs.exe - 1.9 MB
中文(繁体) - sp1aexpress_cht.exe - 1.9 MB

XP Service Pack 2 Download and Install 下载并安装

English, - WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe - 266.0MB
中文(简体) - WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-CHS.exe - 285.8 MB
中文(繁体) - WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-CHT.exe - 277.2

XP Service Pack 3 Download and Install 下载并安装

GB 18030-2005 [包括Ext-A 跟 ExtB] (In Service Pack 3)
English - WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe - 316.4 MB
中文(简体) - WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-CHS.exe - 335.1 MB
中文(繁体) - WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-CHT.exe - 320.9

Enable your Windows XP for Chinese

Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Language Tab>check Install files for East Asian Languages.
You will need your original operating system disk for this. (This should install a Chinese font)

Character map (do you have the latest fonts)

Open the Character map to look at the characters in a font
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character map
look at the following fonts
China developed a font called SimSun (Simplified Sung 宋体) and NSimSun (New SimSun)
Taiwan developed a font called MingLiU (Traditional Ming 明體) and NMingLiu (New MingLiu)
These fonts are structurally the same. There is only a difference in style
At the top, select one of the above fonts (SimSun or MingLiu)
Early versions of these fonts only included (Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs)
scroll down and find hexadecimal character 4E00 which is the Chinese character "一"
This is the first character in the Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs
If you see this you have all your basic characters (you can see most of my web site)
You can see Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs (basic Chinese)
scroll down and find hexadecimal character 3400 which is the Chinese character "㐀"
If you can see these characters, you can see almost all the rare characters on my site.
You can see Unicode CJK Ideographs Extension A
If not you must download the latest versions of either SimSun or MinLiu font
Character map is the most primitive but most exact input method for Chinese characters
You can also download two extra fonts for very rare characters MingLiu Ext-B and SimSun Ext-B
Character map cannot display these characters

Install the latest Windows XP fonts

get the latest SimSun, MinLiu, SimSun Ext B and MinLiu Ext B files
Type the following command in the box and click OK
On the File menu, click Install New Font.
Select the Drive and Folder where you can find the font files click OK.
In the List of fonts box, click the font that you want to add.
Click the Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder box.
The new font is saved in the Windows\Fonts folder.
Click OK.

Install a basic Microsoft Input method editor

Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Click Languages tab>
Add Chinese Simplified with Quan Ping Input method.
Or any other Microsoft input method.
click OK
Now can find a language bar at the bottom and you can select EN for English or CH for Chinese

Download and install the Google Pinyin Input method editor so you can input Chinese easily">

Download and install an input method editor that will handle Extension B fonts such as